Mesa Old School Gaming

A Simple Side Quest

There are worse things than sewage in sewers..

The party was able to return to Alim, who told the party where to find the Horned One, and offered magic items if a stolen Jade Rod was returned to her. The party made a wish list then walked to the last known location of the rod: a sewer in the middle of town.

The thief of the Jade Rod was dead in the lair of three otyughs. The dwarves took on two, but the largest charged the middle of the party. It thrashed Roger, fought off Saphrax and struck down Abeneer, eventually throwing the bodies at the dwarves. While the rest of the party fell in a pile, Saphrax crept up to the dead thief and recovered the Jade Rod, Bracers AC 3, and a potion of extra-healing. Somehow, Brecon revived Harlech before he was struck down, and miraculously the otyugh didn’t notice (meaning the DM rolled a “20” on its check, thus sparing 4 of the 5 party members).

Not Good

Saphrax was able to take the goodies, raise a portcullis to the bay outside, and swim through the sewage to safety. Harlech used a Potion to revive Abeneer, who lauched two fireballs at Momma Otyugh. The Fire Mage’s magic staggered the beast, but did not kill it. The ambulatory party members slung the less fortunate half of the party and fled up the tunnel.



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