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and now for the main event….. Lets get Ready to Rumble!!!!

Idle Hands, Curious Cats, and Boys Will Be Boys

The Party escapes the sewer and regroups just in time to hide from the approaching sound of hooves. Hidden in a building they see the cloaked rider on a skeletal horse Roger saw before followed by a pack of hungry ghouls.

Slipping upstairs they shimmy into the next building under a silence spell and evade the dire horseman. They try to make their escape but quickly turn around once the encounter a courtyard with a large statue wrapped in chains, with even more chains connected to the neighboring buildings with bodies, weapons, and other junk hanging from them.

Turning tail they then find an ramshakled inn and hole up long enough for the wizard and cleric to rest and regain spells. They then use identify to see the rod Safrax liberated is a Rod of Cancellation. Abby wants to keep the rod and renege on the deal with the Witch Alim but Gabe insists they need the potions of Suepr Heroism and Speed to defeat the Horned One.

After debate they return to Alim and to make the trade. Along the way they encounter a patrol of a dozen Orcs but Abby quickly incinerates them with Fireball.

The party makes it to Alim’s and trades for the aforementioned potions, leather +2, some much needed wizards scrolls, and a couple of extra healing potions.

Abby then fails to learn the spell “Write” with an epic roll of 00 on the percentiles. This put a wrinkle in the plan to quickly move scroll spells to the spell book.

With Abby hard at work hand copying the spells Alim mentions that tonight is the full moon and on such nights the Church of Orcus hosts gladiatorial games in the arena. This night is considered a night of truce and several orc tribes and many of Grin’s Mercenaries attend. Gabe and Safrax seem interested so Alim allows them to tag along with her and her body guards. Roger stays behind with Abby.

The show is filled with pageantry and several tribes and monsters are present to watch the blood shed. The pale dwarf who leads the Church of Orcus leads the ceremonies flanked closely by Hilsur the mage in his silver mask.

The first events are mostly slaves fighting beast and orcs fighting eachother to the death, but after 80 minutes are so the Pale Bishop calls for volunteers to fight the champion of the arena, a huge ettin armed with trident and war hammer.

Safrax and Gabe seem content to watch until Hilsur brings out the prize for defeating the ettin, a floating disc filled with gold, amour, and arms, belonging to those who have fallen to the ettin in past matches.

When the DM says that a character that wins gets to take full experience for the ettin and full experience for the treasure Gabe seems interested. He thinks with his spells, the potion of super heroism, and the potion of speed he can take the giant two headed monster. Safrax itching to see the fight encourages him, they both realize Abby will be upset they used the potions but the temptation is too much.

Gabe announces he volunteers and then consumes the heroism potion and jumps in the ring.

The battle begins and all goes well for the cleric. He gets a couple of protection spells up before the dual wielding brute gets within melee range, he then even avoids a few blows. He casts bestow curse and this drops the creatures constitution to 3, but then the ettin goes on a roll and starts smashing the cleric. The next two curse spells are saved against by the ettin and this forces the battered and desperate cleric to drink the potion of speed while under the effect of the potion of super heroism.

The DM declares he needs to roll on the 1e DMG potion mixing table and gets a 98 ! this let both potions work and the speed potion works at 150% giving him 5 attacks every two rounds.

Luck seems to turn as the ettin starts rolling bad again and Gabe uses his speed and attacks to keep his distance. This forces the ettin to charge in, raising its ac. But the reigning champion gets hot again and pounds the cleric of light, and his three counter attacks don’t even add up to enough to hit the creature.

Gabe battered manages to withdraw and heal himself and reenters the battle strong but is having a hard time hitting the brute. The crowd is booing the shameful cleric, deluding the honor of hand to hand combat with spells and magic, but this only drives him harder.

All looks lost when Gabe suddenly hits with thee quick attacks bring the ettin down to only 26 HP left. Gabe moves away hoping to survive another round and use the potion of Extra Healing on his belt, but the ettin charges in both mouths frothing. It uses the trident to pins gabe to the ground droping him to one HP. The dm throws his trusted blue d20 and it comes up an 18. The hammer slams down crushing the brave cleric.

The ettin screams in triumph as the crowd roars. It lifts the dying corpse into the air and finishes Gabe off by pulling him in two. The ettin throws the two parts on to the magic disk and Safrax watches in disbelief

The Pale Bishop calls for other challengers…….Ones brave enough not to soil the rules of the arena with spells and magic.

Will anyone be man enough to face the ettin in single combat to win not only glory but gold and a trusted friends body????

Looking at you Harleck…………


Holy Cow, the Cleric jumped into the gladiator pit? Great, just, great. Let me get this straight, I saved the party a week ago, you guys cashed in for magic items when I was gone, you USED THE ONLY ITEMS I COULD HAVE USED, then got the 5th level cleric killed?

I hate being Lawful Good. Maybe Brecon will jump in.


Well for the record he was 6th level and you could have used the extra healing potion that he also took into the arena.

The good news is you can get the potion (and a huge pile of treasure) if you can beat a 70 HP Ettin with two attacks per round, a 10 Thaco, and a AC of 2 in one on one combat.


70 HP? Shesh, maybe not. Harlech has 45 hp, AC 0 (-4 vs. Giants), 3 attacks in 2 rounds, probably needs a 10 to hit, and can do 1d12 4 damage per. Assuming the ettin does 1d107 damage per attack, I would need a lot of lucky die rolls. I would need to hit him 7 times but he would only need to hit me 4. Maybe if Brecon Casts Aid on me or something first.


Ettins are tough 2d8 secondary weapon, 3d6 primary weapon. Best bet specialize in the giant killing ax really quick.


I dunno, i did the math and I only have a 50/50 chance…


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