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Another Big Dustup

"Hey, weren't there more of us?"

The party made a tomb for Falca in the giant’s chamber. A cairn was mounded over his body and a tombstone chiseled with dwarf runes which read “Here lies Falca Breks Goldenhair, the mighty leader of the 50 Gold Piece Company. May he rest in peace.” The entrance to the chamber was stacked with stones and a Stone Shape spell was cast to seal it.

The party rested up and went though the barricaded iron door. The passage beyond was dusty, and after some quick exploration of the area, we discovered a room with very life-like statues within. Expecting a Medusa, Harlech crept in with his shield blocking his eyes to inspect the first one. A large spider fell on his back, and another dropped behind him. He was bitten, but saved vs. the deadly venom. The party smashed the spiders in short order, and burned the web. After some more exploring, the party realized that they were above the level of Lakehaven, and needed to find a way down. Circling back around, the party re-examined an iron door they previously passed by.

The Statue Room

Listening at the door, the party heard murmuring voice. “Its my treasure, I shouldn’t have killed him, but it’s my treasure!” Opening the door, the party saw the well-decomposed body of a halfling with a well-preserved sword under its body. Entering the room to get a better look, the iron door closed behind them, trapping Harlech, Abeneer, and Gabe in the room; and Brecon and Roger on the other side of the door in the corridor. A wispy vapor formed over the corpse, it took a ghostly shape and rushed at the party. Panicking, Abeneer dropped a fireball in the confined room which burned the other two characters as well as the wraith. After a harrowing battle, the ghost was destroyed with only Abeneer being touched for a minor effect.

The corpse was checked, but most of the gear had been destroyed by the fireball. Magic leather armor, a hat, probably hat of disguise, and a treasure map. The rest of the party gave the twitchy mage the stink eye-big time.


As the DM I even tried to talk Abeneer out of casting fireball, i had to destroy the treasure map i had spent 30 minutes making and soaking in tea and coffee grounds to look old.

Probably worth it as the fireball did all of 12 points of damge to the Wraith (the magic missile next round did 13), but 24 to Gabe and 12 each to Abeneer and Harlech. and then we got to hear Steve say “Oh sorry… I forgot the monster could make a saving throw”.

Another Big Dustup

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