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Big and little things

Orcs are tough to bluff

After driving the Dark Sitter off with a Fireball, Gabe cast Slow Poison on himself to help with his bite from the previous session, and Abeneer cast another Fireball as the arachnid ascended into the darkness above in shadowform. The Fireball drew the creature’s attention and it descended down to the bridge again. It was revealed that the broken bridge segments were illusions, but not until after Saphrax leaped across. The Sitter cast a spell that blinded everyone, and the party kept fighting it, and a few lucky blows drove it back. it then cast Scare which caused the party to flee down the bridge from it. The only two remaining characters were Rodger and the poisoned Brecon. Remembering his potion of Dimunition, Roger magnanimously decided to try to carry the dwarf by using the potion. Dumping the entire contents on the unconscious warrior priest, he was reduced to 5% of his previous size, a total of 3 inches tall, and Roger easily carried him off.

The party found themselves in a large room, with a few cobwebs in the ceiling. Noting a large shape in the webs with a glint of metal in it, Harlech set the webs on fire with a thrown torch. the large shape turned out to be an elven mage named Yonda, who nearly fell to his death (after being burned of course).

The party proceeded on until they found a small complex of rooms, which turned out to be a building within Lakehaven. Deciding to stay the night at this location, the party was discovered by a party of orcs. A brief combat ensued, but not until after one escaped into the fog of the town. the party decided to collect their wounded (including Gabe who collapsed during his watch after his Slow Poison spell wore off), and find a new hideout in the town.


Hmmmm My favorite part either. 1. Jim declaring it was now or never to stike the fleeing orc with his bow and then rolling both shots at once and both dice comming up as Twos, 2. Alexs charachter being brought down to 0 HP by the party before he even started playing him, 3. Gabe colapsing mid watch because no one remembered it was slow posion not neturalize poision, 4. not once, not twice, but three times “If only we had an illusionist”

Big and little things

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