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Wool pajamas? I'm not wearing any pajamas...

After putting out their still smoldering clothes, the party retired to a defensible position for the night. During the middle watch, Gabe detected something sneaking up on the party. He confronted Jim’s new character, a dual-wielding Ranger badass. Tensions were high and there was almost some player v player combat, but the half-orc ranger agreed to a Know Alignment spell.

The next day, the party wound its way down to a huge 180’ wide waterfilled chamber at approximately the level of Lakehaven, our target. Gabe cast Water Walk to investigate the room and find a way across. He was attacked by a spider, and ran back to the water-level entrance realizing that no one could help him.

Dark sitter

The party wound back around and ended on a bridge through the same room, but this time 70’ above the water below. Halfway across, a trap was sprung. large blocks broke the bridge on either side of the party, and the party was trapped. A giant spiderlike creature, the Dark Sitter, descended from above with other minion spiders, and wreaked havoc on the party with its disorienting gaze and magical bite with various poisons: Roger was knocked down to -1 hp quickly, Abeneer saved him then disrobed —thankfully still invisible! Harlech simply wandered off from the party, and Gabe and Brecon were paralyzed. A couple of Fireballs drove off the Dark Sitter and fried the minions, leaving the party stranded on the bridge.



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