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Baby we were born to run

The party decided to follow a rumor and try to contact Alim an information broker in the Warehouse District hoping to get information about Lakehaven or the location of the Horned One and the Key. The party found a scrap of paper in the Secret Tunnel to Lakehaven and identified the location on the town map, and as luck would have it, it was on the way…

The bait.

The party scampered and weaved south, but spotted some posts decorated with skulls-obviously marks of a territory of orcs. The party cast a Silence 15’ spell and ran like hell. They were spotted, but they didn’t know it, because they couldn’t hear the alarm. Crossing another broad street, the party skidded to a halt at a strange grassy courtyard with a huge pile of bones. By now the spell wore off, and the alarms could be heard. Ducking into a building, it could be noted that bones were sliding off the pile. Harlech was in a “spirited” mood and fired a quarrel into the bones.

A dire wind swirled around the disturbed bones, and the disarticulated bones collected themselves by magic into a large bone-golem-like monster with 7 arms. In full panic, Brecon considered casting Darkness and Silence and slipping into a catatonic state of denial, but as luck would have it, the bone creature charged a party of pursuing orcs instead.

After the boner..(the mini is just a marker showing the parties’ location on the town map).

Deciding to stick to alleys, the party avoided an obvious trap. A single dead body lay in a courtyard surrounded by ominous mist-shrouded buildings. Next, our heroes were waylaid by 3 Displacer Beasts and a Troll while passing through a stable. Saphrax was severely wounded, but survived because Gabe got back from his camping trip, and let the baddies beat on him instead (Gabe the player not Gabe the Character XD). Still feeling spunky, Harlech sipped a vial of potion , and after failing his saving throw, he survived with 1 HP left (poison, of course).

Presuming they were in yet another Territory of orcs the party kept moving. Noting movement in a building, Roger the Dodger was dispatched to check it out. Sneaking up on a 2-orc guard post, the brave halfling attempted a backstab. Missing wildly, the cowardly halfling JUMPED OUT THE WINDOW, tumbled on the ground, and fled into the mists. After recovering from their shock the orcs sounded the alarm. Arrows were exchanged, and the rest of the group decide to make a run for their goal, the location on the map fragment, yet again abandoning Roger to his own resources. The party ran past the guard post taking arrows, then rounded a corner onto a street that led into the heart of the orc territory. Orcs were pouring out of the buildings, and two Hill Giants could (not) be seen looking around from their position at the temple.

The party stopped in their tracks, turned around, ran past the guard post AGAIN, taking arrows AGAIN, but were able to run the long way around the area without being caught. The session ended with the party crossing the broad street to the East gate, and desperately hiding in rubble next to the lake, hoping a Silence 15’ spell and the lake mists would conceal them from approaching footsteps.



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