Mesa Old School Gaming

Round 2 Then Round 3

Bad and Good Luck

After seeing his friend Gabe die an ignominious death at the hands of the evil two-headed giant, Harlech jumped into the gladiator pit to avenge and recover the remains (quite a bit of baiting by the DM helped too). Facing 50-50 odds against the giant, Harlech fought poorly. He not only lost initiative, he consistently rolled 10s. Not only did he miss, he missed every attack for several rounds. Stranger still, there were 3 tied initiatives in a row, where no one hit anyone. Despite the poor rolls, he whittled the ettin down to 20 hp, but Harlech was whittled down to nothing, and the ettin threw the body of the impetuous dwarf on the pile of victims in the pit.

Brecon lept in the pit next (c’mon you knew if one dwarf went first, then the other would follow!!!). First attacking the ettin at range with arrows, the ettin closed, but could not strike the dwarven fighter/cleric’s superior AC. Brecon struck back and discovered that the +2 axe of giant slaying not only became +4, but did double damage against the giant because it was now in the hands of a dwarf. With luck on his side Brecon steadily wore down the brute, and before long the Pit had a new champion.

Claiming the champion’s prize, Brecon Animated the remains of the dead and ordered them to carry the loot, and the bodies of his friends. He inadvertently scored points with the crowd by so doing. He made swift work of a challenger, an enormous ogre, but there were no more takers after Brecon chopped off the creatures head an lobbed it into the stands. When the arena cleared, he spoke to the pale dwarven bishop of Orcus, and cut a deal to have him raise his fallen comrades in exchange for the location of the horned one.

Two days later the remnant of the 50 Gold Piece Co. went to the Temple of Orcus, used a talisman to pass through the undead guards, and discovered the zombie of one of the original party members: Pog the Halfling cleric of Baccus pouring wine for the bishop. The evil cleric had put the information to good use, located the Horned one, captured him and Pog’s zombie. The Bishop cast Raise Dead on Gabe and Harlech (David you still have to roll the resurrection survival roll for Gable), and Roger was able to convince the Bishop to raise Pog if we killed the traitorous mercenary captain Grin. The party went to location of the hideout, but an Identify spell could not locate the Falcon Key. It looks like the party now has to rescue the BBEG, the Horned One, who they have been trying to destroy for 3 game months.



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