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Shadow Boxing

The d4 O'Death almost TPK'd Us

After tip-toeing through the rubble, the party encountered a goblin in the employ of the Half Orc Alim the witch. After haggling with one of the dwarves about the fee, Abeneer intervened with a Charm Person spell, and sealed the deal. Leading us through a portal hidden by an illusion, Abeneer’s new buddy led us through Lakehaven’s underground to the goblin den with a strange tent set up in the middle.

After offering our Water Walk Scroll, which was simple kept, a large handful of gold got us in the front door (flap?). The interior was an extradimensional space larger than the exterior, and it was filled with silk pillows, fresh food, thrist-quenching drink, and fragrant incense. Also Alim and a few super huge ogres. After some chit-chat, we got down to business. We told Alim that we were after the Horned one. She balked at that, but said she could help us if we did her a favor (well actually two favors….). She requested that we take a Peryton Egg to the old Shadow temple, adn perform a rite. Abeneer refused at first on the grounds that the temple had been reconsecrated to the The Nine. It took us a while to beat him down, but he gave in. Alim gave us two potions to pour into urns inside the temple which would close the door to the shadow realm. Oh yeah, Alim wanted us to pay for the Peryton egg, but was willing to wave the gold for a night with our fearless leader GABE, who swiftly agreed to service the non-human witch abomination. Okaaayyy…

Before Gabe smited evil The party paid Alim more gold to contact the lost Roger via spel., he was instructed to meet them in the rubble, but before he could get there he ran afoul of three Orcs. No where to run with his stubby little legs he charged and threw daggers. The ensuing combat went bad at first but lucky rolls by ol’Rog came through in the end and all three Orcs were defeated. Of course no one was around to see it sooooo…

Goblin-boy led us to the temple. We tried a side door, but it was covered in Glyphs and we didn’t want to try our luck. We went in the front but cast Protection from Evil on each character to protect us from possible shadows. We ran in the room full speed, but for our short legged party it was not fast enough. Slow Shadows started pouring out of the urns (due to the DM’s d4 O’Death rolling 4s for both urns). Abeneer passed off the potions, brecon was able to pour one in, but Rodger had a harder time, and had to break his Protection spell to do it. Roger was knocked down, but Brecon was able to save him with a CLW. Harlech went on the offensive as his Protection spell was wearing off, and ended up with 3 shadows attached. Abeneer delayed the ritual for a couple of rounds, but when he started it, the party simply waited until he finished; Harlech continued to take damage in the hopes that the ritual would dispell the shadows.

As luck would have it, the shadows remained, and Abeneer ran toward the party (instead of running away and saving himself). The party slowly made its way to the door carrying roger, while Abeneer conveniently made it to the exit before collapsing unconscious for his wounds. The party was able to barrel it’s way to daylight, dragging Abeneer. Poor Harlech was left behind with about a dozen shadows trailing him. He fell about 10 feet from the exit, but his momentum carried him through the door with -7 HP.

So close, so, so close…


Daniel is just work on the back story of his next character, Gabe Jr. a quarter Orc Cleric/Magic User. I just Wish Phil and Dixie had been there to chronicle it.

Also I added Rogers Dual to the Death with Three Orcs.

Shadow Boxing

How could I forget? Sorry Steve!!!

Shadow Boxing

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