Mesa Old School Gaming

The End of the 50 Gold Piece Company

We openly assaulted the Temple of Orcus and died like dogs

We finally got all the players together, including the DM, who flew back from Connecticut, and wrapped up the campaign in the own particular idiom of the the 50 GP Co.: We raided the temple to free the Horned One who knew where to find the key was that could free us from the Geas spell that the Lich placed on us. The Horned One was responsible for killing several party members which began the Arden campaign, now the party had to rescue him to save themselves.

We knew the temple was guarded by 10 giant bull skeletons (with magical fire in their rib cages) and put all of our proverbial eggs in an Invisibility to Undead spell. Unfortunately, two human acolytes and 4 skeletal ogres also were on duty so we were immediately discovered. One priest was killed by Saphrax arrows, but the dwarves chose not to fire and preserve their spell “protection”. The Horned One was suspended 40’ above the floor, and the plan was to cast Web beneath him, and then use Knock to undo the shackles. Abeneer was able to cast the web spell, but then the surviving priest shouted “DEFEND!”, and fled the room. The Bulls started to attack, fired Fireballs (!) into the party midst, killing Abeneer and Roger instantly, who failed their Saves.

Gabe was able to use Spiritual Hammer to destroy the pin holding the chain which suspended the HO. He dropped, but his innate Magical Resistance negated the Web spells effect and he fell to the ground and his death (the DM rolled 12 hp damage on 2d6). Brecon used his Boots of Striding and Springing to leap into the web and heal him before he died. In the meantime, the surviving party fled the temple only to be attacked by a Manticore, which killed Saphrax. Gabe fell from a fireball, but Harlech dragged him from the line of fire(balls), and revived him with a potion of extra healing that Gabe possessed.

Brecon lost initiative and was charged by 5 or so bulls and the wounds he received brought his HP total to 0 (unconscious but not dead). Harlech and Gabe then charged in to do something (?), but gabe took another fireball and died, then Harlech was charged by bulls adn he too was reduced to 0 HP. The end.



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