Mesa Old School Gaming

Up on the roof-tops....

Well at least the dogs couldn't get us....

Fleeing into the City of Lakehaven and out of the secret tunnel away from the Dark Sitter the party hoped to evade orc reinforcements. The party decided to hide-out in a deserted building and hopefully rest and recover spells. the party holed-up on the third floor of an old tavern, and Roger wisely went “scouting”. It wasn’t long before the braying of dogs indicated that the orcs would find them. Some of the party thought it would be a good idea to destroy the stairs to delay the pursuers, which it did…for about half a round. :( The 50 Gold Co. decided to take to the rooftops 3 stories above the town and take their chances, leaving Roger to fend for himself. Anyhow, a massive force of orcs surrounded us, quickly found ways up to the roof, and started pelting the characters with volleys of arrows at range. Saphrax was able to rescue Gabe by dropping him in a roof hole and the rest of the party followed. Abeneer dropped virtually instantly, but Brecon picked him on the way.

While the party waited for the onslaught of orcs inside a building, the sounds of eerie hoofs could be heard approaching on the road below. The orcs retreated presumably because the mysterious Rider was something they didn’t want to deal with. The party then moved, and was able to evade the orcs and the rider, and find a building in a part of town away from the pursuing orcs territory (and in someone elses presumably), and finally healed and rested.



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