Dwarf Warrior/Priest on a Mission


Dwarf LG
Ftr 6th /5th Cleric
XP 32,966/22,137
S 15 D 16 (-2 AC, + 1 missiles) Con 17 (+3 hp, +4 saves) I 11 W 15 (1st, 1st, 2nd) CH 11

AC -3 (-5 with shield) HP 55
2h Sword, S. Comp Bow, L. Sword
Speaks goblin, Can Mountaineer, Ride-land, Heal, Spellcraft

+2 Axe, +4 vs. Giants, 2 +1 Shields, +4 Splint, Gauntlets of Ogre Power, Boots of striding and springing, +2 hammer. Potions of Levitation, Invisibility, and Fire Resistance. Temple of Orcus Talisman.

Weird “construct eye” gem, gold cup of orcus, platinum statue of Hendal 1,200 gp, Falcon eye ruby, Ettin Loot: 6,000 gp, 7,000 gp in gems.


Brecon trained in both the martial and clerical arts from a young age as a “short beard” dwarf from Silverhall. He learned to wield a bow as do all the dwarves in his dwarfclan, but he is unique in that he also learned to ride a horse. During a journey long ago, Brecon won an ogre’s sword which he learned to use two-handed. Before he left his homeland, he could often be seen patrolling the roads and forests on horseback with his great sword over his shoulder, protecting fellow dwarves and the occasional lost outsider.

Although quiet around outsiders, Brecon’s military training speaks for itself in combat. He supports his comrades with missile fire and healing spells, but will drop his bow to wield his two-handed sword when an ogre or other large enemy threatens. He has become very protective of his comrades, and sees himself as their protector. He would give the shirt off his back for his friends (even a magic one!), but above all, he is determined to safeguard his old friend Harlech whom he has known his entire life.


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