Gabriel (Gabe)


AC 0
HP 27
Str 16
Dex 13
con 13
Int 11
Wis 13
Chr 17


his father name was Palmir he was a Paladin of Pelor. Gabe grew up next door to Sam (full name Samuel Darcias Tavalin) his best friend the two family’s where partners in a wine making business. Gabe and Sam both learned from Pamir the art of fighting although Gabe never had the same piousness of his father he did respect him and he learned to live his life by a moral code. when they where 18 Sam decided to fallow the path of a Paladin. Gabe on the other hand didn’t he stayed around the farm foe another year before realizing that he needed to leave his sole desired a wider world so he sent a message to Sam and began to travel the world with him after a few years the party they had traveled with for so long realized that there lives would be leading them in different directions. So Gabe and the others separated hoping to see each other again. now Gabe continues to adventure relying on the teaching of his farther the goodness instilled by his mother and the experience he gained with his friends that he might make the world a better place for all. Although getting paid at the same time would be nice…

Gabriel (Gabe)

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