Stolid, hard nosed, dwarf's dwarf


Male Dwarf Fighter Lawful Good
S 17 (+1/1) D 13 C 15 ( +1 HP) I 11 W 11 CH 6
AC 0 HP 45 Level 5th XP 25,995

Specialized in the Long Sword +1/2 to hit/ damage; 3/2 attacks/round
Longsword, Light crossbow, Hammer
Speaks Elvish and Goblin
Is a Blacksmith, has Direction Sense, Mountianeering, and Riding-Land based

“Cleddyfen” +1/ +3 vs undead longsword, +2 Shield, Crossbow of Speed

Construct eye gem, falcon eye ruby, jade wind chimes (900gp)


Harlech is an impetuous “short beard” dwarf from Silverhall. Harlech’s father was an adventurer who taught him to fight with a long sword, and he bestowed his own weapon upon his son, saying “With this sword I give you magic, which in turn can only be repaid with magic.” The father revealed that the sword, which he called “old steel” (Cleddyfhen in dwarvish), was bewitched with magic to be used to defeat undead, a power Harlech vows to use to amass magic.

Harlech has a heart of gold, but his greed for treasure and the all-powerful magic tend to cloud his judgment. Furthermore he is strange-looking, and despite his best efforts, he gets frustrated when others react poorly to him. Harlech also is becoming desperate to accomplish his questionable goal of amassing enough magic for an army, and tends to blame others around him for it; with the exception of his life-long friend Brecon.

Furthermore, he has been shamed by his defeats: he was imprisoned by an undead ogre, fled from a swarm of shadows, and was forced to consent to a geas spell to spare his life from a lich (if only his father knew…). Harlech is seeking revenge on the Horned One, a lord of undead, for the death of several friends. He is obsessed by the thought that his friend Gondolin who was killed in the streets of Arden at the hands of the Horned one may be undead now, and is living for the day when he will bury the sword of his father in the Horned One’s black heart and liberate his friends from their abominable unlife.


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