Roger "The Dodger"

Race: Halfling Ht: 3’7" Wt: 68lb
Class: Thief Level: 6 Experience: 29,310
Strength 10
Dexterity 16
Constitution 11
Intelligence 13
Wisdom 8
Charisma 13
Weapon Proficiencies Short Sword, Sling, Dagger
Non-Weapon Proficiencies Agriculture (1/13), Appraising (1/13), Gaming (1/13), Juggling (1/15), Tailor (1/15), Tightrope (1/16), Tumbling (1/16)
Thief Skills PP: 25%, OL: 40%, FT: 95%, MS: 75%, HS: 75%, DN: 45%, CW: 70%, RL: 0%, Backstab x3
Saving Throw Base Adjusted Special Modifiers
Paralyzation/Roison/Death 12 12 -3 bonus vs. poison
Rod/Staff/Wand 12 9 -2 bonus vs. effects that can be dodged
Petrification/Polymorph 11
Breath Weapon 15 15 -2 bonus vs. effects that can be dodged
Spell 13 10 -2 bonus vs. effects that can be dodged

Equipment: Mochynlarran (Short Sword +1), Bracers AC 6, Dagger, Sling, 20’ of rope, 2 weeks rations, 3000 ancient silver coins, 99 platinum pieces, 566 gold pieces, 11 silver pieces, 8 copper pieces, 2 gems from snake constructs.

Weapon THAC0 DS/M DL Special
Mochynlarran 17 d6+1 d8+1 Short Sword +1, 18 thaco tw style
Sling 16 d4+1 d6+1 ammo: bullets
Dagger 17 d4 d6 16 thaco thrown, 2/1 thrown, 20 thaco tw style

Roger was born on a small farm in a small halfling village by the name of Haucust (Sow’s Ear). His family fell into debt when two human armies chose their fields to fight a battle. While his family packed up their belongings and moved to the city Roger instead took the magic sword he found in the field and struck off on his own. He has seen his family twice since, bringing home enough gold to help out.

Roger "The Dodger"

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