Arden and The Western Frontier

The Free City of Arden:

Strong walls and the brave soldiers kept the city safe for the last twenty years. Newly discovered silver ore from the Grey Mountain mines, wheat from the fertile valley farms, and timber from the thick forest kept the coffers full to pay the soldiers and supports the bustling market. But this is still a frontier city, the last safe haven on the edge of a howling wilderness.

To the East
The merchant caravans and river barges carry raw materials towards the nine kingdoms and a steady stream of settlers and treasure hunters towards Arden. Men and women lured by the promise of easy coin or a fresh start

To the South
The villages and farms that pay allegiance to Arden, filled with independent and self-reliant men and women. Five days on horseback to reach Mornford, a boomtown nestled in the Grey Mountains serving the miners and prospectors looking for silver ore deep in the earth.

To the North
The burnt and twisted ruins of Lakehaven, a once thriving settlement ruled by the half devil Everon for twenty year. The city is now a battle ground, his infighting underlings battle for every scrap of tribute the great warlock collected before his death.

To the West
A land virtually untouched by civilization for almost 500 years, now a vast forest has grown around the ruins of the ancient Thaeten Empire. Ancient magic and lost secrets rest in the dark shadows of the tall pines.

Arden and The Western Frontier

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