Arden Overview

Arden Overview

Situated on a slow broad stretch of the Nolan river. The city of Arden was built on the ruins of an ancient city taking advantage of a harbor created ages ago by the Thaeten engineers. The city is broken down into the following neighborhoods:

Riverside: traders, sailors, travelers and such. An area known for bars, inns, entertainment, tradehouses, and the transient nature of its residence.

Highton: perched on the eastern cliffs this neighborhood is home to wealth and power of the city.

The Twist: The cities low quarter, poor and dirty, home to day labors, servants, ne’er-do-well, and thieves.

Westwall: A middleclass neighborhood and home to the guilds and tradesman of the city. Little of interest to the traveler.

Market Street: more than a single street this middleclass neighborhood serves as a hub of day to day markets, inns, shops, and services. Its central location means it caters to all classes of people.

The Hill: a quite middle class neighborhood home to clerks, scholars, sages, clergy as well as Arden’s largest cathedral.

The Canton: home to soldiers and their families as well as smiths, armorers, and weapon makers.

Gates: lower class district home to farmers, teamsters, and struggling merchants

Arden Overview

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