The Current Year is 1212. Year 01 was the year of the founding of the Thaeten Empire.

The year is broken down into twelve months of thirty days each. Each of the months is considered holy to a specific demi-god. On the 15th of each month a holy day for the patron demigod is held, this day celebrates some aspect of the demi-gods sphere of influence.

In addition to the twelve regular holy days there are five High Holy Days: New Years, Solace, The Mother’s Feast, Requiem, and Year’s End. These holy days fall outside the traditional months. The chart below shows the months in order and the positioning of the High Holy Days


001 HHD: New Years
002-031 1 Tanis
032-061 2 Midori
062-091 3 Arnn
092 HHD: Solace
093-122 4 Teeya
123-152 5 Morin
153-182 6 Hendal
183 HHD: Mother’s Feast
184-213 7 Delphine
214-243 8 Koroth
244-273 9 Jahnnaina
274-303 10 Kylee
304 HHD: Requiem
305-334 11 Deka
335-364 12 Woradin
365 HHD: Years End

Dates are usually written like such 7-19-1212 or the 19th of Delphine’s month in the year one thousand two hundred and twelve. High Holy Days are abbreviated as N, S, M, R, E, so Solace of the current year would be noted as S-1212 or Solace a most holy day of the year two hundred and twelve.

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