1. Everon enspelled the valley to prevent scrying. This spell also created a layer of thick mist that still lingers to this day.

2. Numerous orc tribes dwell in the Shield Mountains, they grudgingly worked together under Everon, but since his death have returned to their infighting ways or hired themselves out as mercenaries to anyone with the gold and power to secure their loyalty.

3. Mines dot the valley walls near Lakehaven. A lot of dwarves where hired to dig mines and were told they were looking gold but every one of them will tell you it wasn’t gold country.

4. Everon used the captured slaves to build tunnels under Lakehaven. Nothing as extensive as the ones under Arden but many buildings are connected by tunnels and some of these even lead to the mines.

5. The Veiled Mages are looking for something in Lakehaven, they have been sending adventuring parties and small companies of mercenaries north to raid the ruins.

6. In Thaeten times the Highlake was home to the great summer palaces of many noble families. The ruins of the Imperial summer court still stand near the center of Lakehaven

7. Everon held court in the Highkeep overlooking the city. The keep was partialy destroyed in the battle with the Veiled Mages but has been reoccupied by humanoids and worse.

8. The Veiled mages maintained a network of spies to keep tabs on Everon for years before they struck. Many of these spies still report to the Veiled Mages.

9. Durring Everon time and still today smugglers from Arden traded with his Lakehaven. Weapons, booze, armor, and fine clothing were the main trade goods, but esoteric items of wizardry and mining equipment also went north of the river. Rumors also persist that a ring of slavers operated by kidnaping people from Arden and selling them in Lakehaven.


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