Skarn's Note

A note found on a dead half eaten human priest in the forgot temple of Jahnaina. The Note is writen in Orc a language rarely used for writing but shares the dwarven script.


I have bribed the shaman of the RedSkull tribe to send a score of warriors to help you. They will meet you about a league north of the river. Head west from Taylor’s Ferry at the third stream follow it north till you come to a clearing with three large boulders. The shaman will be there with the warriors expecting 200 Crowns.

The RedSkulls are fierce fighters, but are greedy and unreliable. Keep extra gold and trinkets available to bribe them along the way. Remind them often of their shamans pledge and my vengeance if this mission fails.

Stay well north of the river and hear North East until you crest the second ridge. Follow it East until you reach a small spring. From here Head off the ridge North by North East until you find a shallow gully. Follow the gully north for three leagues and it will level out. Half a league north of here you will find a large pine on it is carved a large X, from the pine head east for another two leagues and you will come to the base of a small hill. Circle the hill to the south and you will find a game trail. Follow this winding trail and it will lead you to a clearing filled with the ruble of the temple.

You will need to get the orcs to dig, probably at least 30 feet.

Once in the temple be weary, the legends are it fell to the treachery of a disgraced monk, and none know what lies within.

The key was kept in possession of the high priest. The scroll should help you to find it with ease once you reach the temple.

Once you find the key Dismiss the Orcs, and bribe them well. Return to Taylors Ferry and seek out a gentleman named Corrom he will be at the Laughing Crone. He is of medium build, with thinning blond hair. I have given him a silver pin to wear on his left breast, a trio of jumping fish.

He will respond to your Password with “A right way to start any day that’s not a Tuesday”

Give him the key and he will deliver it to me.

You will them wait in Taylor’s Ferry until I send word for you

Skarn's Note

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