Yeldon's Journal

The Info From the Journal found in Oger-Jima slightly edited from the orginal to corrrect a few mistakes.

The book is a journal, a cursory reading informs you that the writer is a priest who worships Orcus

He was a follower of Everon but now works with a loose alliance called the “Council” who apparently control the West side of the ruins of Lake Haven. The East side of the ruins are controlled by the followers of a female entity he refers to as “the Snake”.

The writer was sent here to watch the road north with the help of three manticores. He has been at the fortress about three months.

There are several mentions of the shrine at the far end of the underground lake. The writer has not bested the guardians and claims they are immune to even the will of Orcus to control. He is vague on what the guardians are but some type of undead.

He also goes into some details of the fortress, it was created roughly 60 years ago as a base for the Grey Legion he thinks the shrine in the basement predates the fortress as the statue is of Thaeten design. The area leading to the natural cavern was bricked up when the author arrived.

The last three entry are of particular note (none of the entries are dated):

Borin (A manticore) and the ogres sprang an ambush on a small party today. Most fortuitously this was followers of the Snake, several were killed a few got away, but we caught enough to torture. Most importantly one was a priests, an old acquaintance from before, the one who we called “the Horned One” I sent word to the council.

We have learned through torture of the Horned Ones men they were transporting a key. I have not begun to torture the Horned One yet, saving him for last.

I left Borin to watch the road and brought to ogres back only to have Borin return wounded. He got greedy and attacked a large party. I am sending the ogres out with Borin to track them down.

Yeldon's Journal

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