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Gabe's Back Side

Old Man Oren

The PCs quickly made a decision to leave the isle and travel by boat towards Lake Haven. They kept the shore in sight, due to the fog and lack of seamanship skills.

The PCs stayed on the boat, offshore, on the first night to heal up and recharge.

They kept traveling south on the lake for another day and decided to make landfall near some ruins. They searched the area for any threats, finding none, they bedded down for the night in a small ruin boat shack near the shore.

Out of the darkness an “old man” named Oren appeared and asked to warm himself and talk to the PCs. He used to live in Lake Haven and left about 6 months ago. The PCs interrogated him for answers, but he just responded with half answers and riddles. The PCs became very wary and decided to abandon the site and hurried to get back to the lake. They spent another night in the boat and landed near the “back door” to the Ruins of Lake Haven. After hauling up the boat unto the rocky shore they started moving towards the city.

The PCs were attacked by six Peryton’s. Immediatly, two PCs went down. The Paladin, Falca Breks, took out one monster and damaged another one. One winged creature decided to try and carry away one of the PCs but dropped him 10 feet to the ground. Time was called at 230pm.



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