Mesa Old School Gaming

Session 2.4.12 - "The Die has been Cast"

"The Writhing Man Pile"


the one where party tries to kill each other again and Mr. White/Brown/Black saves the day again

The party finally left Nisha’s lair before it became their tomb, and retrieved the boat from the villa and proceeded on to lakehaven. However, the magic users noticed an old tower along the way on an island that once belonged to a powerful Mage and wanted to stop and “collect all of the magic item’s lying around.” Sigh. The party was able to find the isle with the aid of Harlech’s direction sense, landed, and found the ruins of the tower and associated hall fairly quickly. After digging through the rubble for a few hours, half the party gave up and started to go back to the boat. The mages however were more tenacious and cast a Detect Magic spell and determined something magic to be just a few more feet below. The rest of the party returned and was able to uncover a metal seal, like a manhole cover, beneath. There appeared to be no way in so half the party started back to the boat again, but Roger the Thief discovered an illusion that covered a keyhole. The rest of the party came back again, but he tried to pick it, and that’s when the curse was triggered.

About half the party failed their save vs. Magic, and immediately felt protective of the seal, and that every other PC was a threat. Falca immediately struck Harlech for 15 hp of damage (the hardest he ever was hit), Brecon cast Hold Person which held Falca, and Abeneer, (Harlech saved), Gabe started attacking with his Spiritual Hammer. Harlech charged out of the room until he saw that Brecon and Gabe started fighting so he charged back in but both he and Brecon were held. Mr. White and Roger were both hiding outside of the room, but Mr. White cast Acid Arrow on Gabe which prevented him from casting spells. When Gabe rushed out of the room, he ran past Roger who was hiding just beyond the door. Roger successfully back-stabbed Gabe, bound him, then revived him. The rest of the Held Party was also tied up and dragged to the beach, where the curse wore off after 24 hours. The party sailed away after that, a sadder and wiser adventuring party.



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