House Rules

Character Generation

  • All character ability rolls must be witnessed by the Dungeon Master. 4d6 drop lowest arange to taste.
  • All charachters made with 2E PHB, no kits or splat books


  • +10% XP bonus, 1 bonus proficency either weapon or nonweapon
  • Humans may multi-class

Demi Humans

  • by stadard 2e rules except that maximum age is as follows + or – 2d6 years: Elves 150, Half Elves 125, Dwarves 125, Gnomes 125, Halflings 100.


  • Players may choose to split XP for multi class at a 50/50 rate or a 25/75 rate.


  • With DM aproval.


  • DM aproval on non standard race/class combo ie. Halfling Wizards


  • Initiative is rolled each round of combat. Dexterity modifiers apply but weapon speed does not.
  • Charachters death occures at -10 HP. Charachters at 0 or less HP lose HP each round as determined by the DM, normaly the same amount they had when they droped below zero.
  • Combat rounds are 10 seconds long not 1 minute


  • Players need not memorize their spells.
  • Magic Users may pick 10 starting spells + one addtional spell for every intelegent point over 14
  • Bards roll spells randomly at first level and have 1d3 spells per level of bard.

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House Rules

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